Winter Staycation at Gonana Guesthouse

Did I ever tell you about Gonana Guesthouse,  my home away from home from my other home (lol). Exploring to me means finding new places for short hideaways when I’m feeling blue and in need of a refocusing session. Well, thanks to me and my curious ways, you don’t have to look any longer. I found the perfect spot right on the rim of the world- get it?!

Gonana Guesthouse was founded by a good new friend of mine, Jonas Sandstrom, a Swedish businessman and interior designer who fell in love with the beauty that is Paternoster and could not resist but buy this cosy rundown house and turned it into a vacation nest for travellers like myself from around the world.

I first visited the guesthouse some time in April for a “no-content-creation” vacation and that’s where I met him but it was during this visit that the accommodation including Paternoster in itself stole my heart. This destination had been on my list for the longest time and when I finally booked, I immediately felt the weight on my shoulder lift as it meant that I was being intentional about self-care.

About Gonana Guesthouse:

Gonana Guesthouse is situated in the small bay of Bekbaai in the quieter area of Paternoster on the west coast of South Africa. This West Coast Guesthouse is Bordered by the Columbine Nature Reserve and a few kilometres from the Cape Columbine Lighthouse. This holiday accommodation was originally a family home and has now been completely transformed into a beautiful home away from home.

This beachfront guesthouse is the culmination of all his experience and passion for creating beautiful spaces that are rich in detail, considerate to the environment and exquisite in taste.

The guesthouse has about 7 bedrooms furnished with South African designers’ interior items that are both modern and nature-like. Most of the furniture is made out of wood which to others can be a bit of both rustic and modern design, and I love it!

The lounge is a common area style for all travellers and people who want to get away from their problems, with a fireplace close to a lounging area that you can “chill” while reading about your next destination. The entire guesthouse is beach facing so get used to waking up to the sound of the waves. 

I remember receiving messages about tsunamis and all sorts of things- NO, there will be no tsunami or mermaids coming to get you.

Gonana Guesthouse

What you get

Gonana Guesthouse is currently running a special where you stay for three nights and pay for two. I urge you to book for this special because once you enter the premises, you most definitely not want to leave. The peace, ambiance and the staff complete the entire stay as they make you feel at home.

There is also perfect connectivity to the WiFi for those hoping to work remotely. If we learned anything about the pandemic is that, in order to keep sane and still be able to make money, you need the strongest WiFi and good food. Paternoster has a bunch of restaurants that you can try and my favourite being Leeto Restaurant which is 5 minutes drive from Gonana Guesthouse. Other than that, there is information on where you can eat available for you online and provided by Gonana Guesthouse staff so you don’t struggle.

One cool thing I have been seeing around is the “Honest Bar” where you take whatever is being sold on the premises and record it on a bar schedule to pay when you check-out. I think this shows a level of trust that the guesthouse owner has on its guests instead of landlords that hound you for payment and make you feel like you are trespassing. 

Final Thoughts

I completely enjoy staying at Gonana Guesthouse for the peace it gives, the beautiful sound of the ocean, meeting other people who are also on a mission to find themselves or wanting to getaway from busy schedules. I am sure you are wondering how much it costs to stay there. Gonana Guesthouse offers different specials for different seasons and it is always affordable. You can find the rates on their website to plan your next stay. 

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