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2021: The Year of Bold and Wild Changes

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This might be long overdue but, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I would like to welcome all my followers, both old and new, to my blog and give compliments of the new season to all my lovely readers on this platform. We did it, Joe!

So… 2021 – the year we come to terms with the fact that things will never be the same again. Life will be even harder but if 2020 was anything to go by, we all proved to be readily adaptable when the tough got going. We have found ourselves working and living under circumstance that required us to think outside the box when it came to surviving the worst conditions, and saw communities band together for the common good and the sake of humanity.

Some of us have been dealt a the toughest blow of retrenchment, whilst lockdown and self-isolation sparked inspiration for some who opted to become their own bosses. We have lost family members and gained friendships, lost jobs or started businesses, struggled with making the most of YouTube home workouts and clawed our way through the dry spell of level 4 and 5 alcohol bans. Whew, chile! What a rollercoaster!

This year, my dear reader (yes, I have watched Bridgerton), I want to challenge you to be wild and bold. I challenge you to stop thinking “what people will say if I try something new?” Deviate from the norm and make things extraordinarily and “perfectly splendid” (and I watched Haunting on Bly Manor, too).

I, for one, will be making no plans whatsoever – I’m completely going into this year without any expectations. My only hope is that my business, which launched in December, flourishes beyond my dreams (SHOP HERE: MAPULA Swim ).

On that note without wasting too much of your time, let’s try to be kinder people this year and enjoy what is left of our Summer.


When you can travel the world, you are lucky. But when you travel around your country and enjoy it, it is a right and a privilege because only a few see beauty in the places they call home.

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