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The Halyard Luxury Apartments

This is by far the most satisfying stay EVER! I am not a self-catering staycation type of person and I have been on a few to know this – I am simply lazy! When Mira emailed me about this incredible experience to stay at The Halyard, I was initially hesitant because I thought about all the cooking I would have to do and it was such a busy weekend for me content-wise. Listen, I ate my words because, my goodness, this luxury apartment/hotel space is for the gods!

This luxury 20-apartment building is located at the top of the KPMG building, one of the tallest buildings in the heart of the Cape Town CBD, stretching from the 23rd to the 25th floor with breathtaking views and bespoke, modern interior design. When I walked into the luxe unit, I felt my anxiety dissipate because it was relaxing and inspiring. The space makes you feel like anything is possible (I want to put it into words but I don’t know how because I’m still gagged). 

I was hosted in a two-bedroom apartment because Michelle – my photographer and editor – was with me. The apartment is furnished with neutral and cool-toned pieces that mostly consist of stunning light and dark wood finishes in the lounge-cum-dining area, as well as the entertainment unit, and well-crafted couches that are super soft to the touch. Don’t get me started on the kitchen!

Decked out with the latest appliances from Morphy Richards, a smart-kitchen cooking system from Siemens and hidden kitchen cupboards and fridges that allow for a suuuper seamless aesthetic that’s visually pleasing, boujee doesn’t begin to accurately describe what we experienced. But, said boujee kitchen did compel me (read: Michelle) to cook a little and I loved every moment of it. 

Here is what it comes with:

  • Complimentary coffee, tea, sugar and cleaning detergent. 
  • An “infinity” balcony
  • Sliding doors from all the rooms
  • A waterfall countertop with a built-in Siemens 90cm induction hob
  • A hidden fridge fit for family staycations
  • Incredible views of the city: either Table mountain and Lion’s Head or the Harbour and V&A
  • Clothing and Dishwashing machines (why wash by hand when you can let tech do it for you and you focus on having fun)

What to buy for yourself:

  • All the food you will need for your stay.
  • You will also need to pay for the mini bar you find in the room unless it is complimentary. 

Lucky for us, we were treated to a complimentary bottle of Mendola MCC from Windfall Wines to celebrate the occasion of doing absolutely nothing. 

The entire apartment’s lighting system is all smart-tech and can be controlled from touchscreen pads mounted on the walls allowing you to control mood, light intensity and even isolate sections of the lounge, kitchen, overhead strip lights, bathroom, bedrooms – even the damn bathroom mirror!

As I said, this was by far the best self-catering staycation I have ever had the pleasure of experiencing. All the hustle and bustle of the daily Cape Town city life completely disappears once you are in this skyscraper. 

The Bedrooms:

Both bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms although the master bathroom boasts both a shower and a bathtub fit for a staycation queen like myself. The second bedroom is surprisingly spacious although the bathroom only has a shower which is impressively large enough to house three people. The main bedroom has two chairs and a table for those early morning work days or enjoying a bit of solitude and editing content before a crazy day of exploring. The entire apartment has 3 toilets: the main bedroom, second bedroom and a standalone guest bathroom for prying guests whom you’d rather not have entering your boudoir. 

The damage:

Lucky for you, The Halyard Luxury Apartments does not make it hard for you to book. You can either book on their website or find them on Airbnb (big hint for those of you with airbnb credits to spend!). For some of you it might be on the expensive side but for most of you, it is just what you need. Let me tell you something, it is worth it! If this space was open when my partner was here, we would have booked there because wow!

The Halyard Apartments can accommodate visitors from 1 guest to 6 guests per apartment depending on your needs, and room service is always on the roll so you always have a clean area. The rates are from R2000 to R6000 a night depending on the room you get [kindly check their website and airbnb for special rates and bookings].


This apartment building is located in an area that makes it easy for you to explore the city however you want to because it is close to the CTICC, Media24, local restaurants and bars so you will be cutting down on transport rides to invest that money into activities. 

Final thoughts:

I have nothing but good things to say about this place and it has not seen the last of me. They are in the process of building a gym so hopefully when you visit, it will be up and running. The interior in the hallways straight into the apartments is well put together and I love the entire vibe it is giving. Every single corner of the apartment we stayed in was perfect. Shoutout to Craig and the lovely lady who was responsible for our daily housekeeping (I forgot her name and I’m terribly sorry about that because she took good care of us) for making sure our stay was safe, convenient and fun.


When you can travel the world, you are lucky. But when you travel around your country and enjoy it, it is a right and a privilege because only a few see beauty in the places they call home.

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  1. JoJo Hall

    This definitely looks like a beautiful luxury apartment, indeed! I love the style and modern look to the place. It’s a perfect stay in luxury.

  2. Retirestyle Travel

    I hope we can stay in a modern, luxurious place like this if we go there.

  3. Barry

    This is my style of apartment and it looks so modern and comfy. The views are wonderful. Another hotel on the list for Cape Town to check out when I get there.

  4. Jack (Nomad Tactics)

    Looks like a luxury experience to live in this apartment. Must be nice to spend a couple of days there…

    1. Karabo

      To be honest, I did not want to leave at all. The manager was kind enough to extend our stay with an extra day.

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