Cosy Hotel Beekhuizen Staycation

Boutique Hotel Beekhuizen, is located in the Veluwezoom National Park, and it is a small, quirky and attractive hotel with cosy, spacious rooms. The hotel boasts 21 (junior) suites and hotel lodges spread over the main building and gatehouse.

Cosy is my middle name and when I was given the opportunity to visit Boutique Hotel Beekhuizen, I was ecstatic and looking forward to exploring what the hotel has been sharing on social media, in real life. Welcome to this week’s post where I will be giving you a guide to enjoying your stay at this off the beaten-track hotel.

My first ever collaboration with a hotel was nothing short of amazing given that I am usually into staycations that first of all make financial sense but tick off my seasonal boxes such as cosy, warm, scenic and serene. Hotel Beekhuizen is the perfect place to be this Spring. Of course, I went in winter with my partner and I was impressed that I am already planning my stay for next winter which is in a few months (I know we are just on our way to Summer but hear me out)…

The hotel is 30 minutes out of Amsterdam and takes you away into a forest wonderland which is home to a few animals, if you walk into the forest deep enough. The hotel is also situated in a national park that offers free entrance for hikers, mountain bikers and furry friends alike. 

Reception and check-in:

The hotel is about 2-3 years old and the reception area still oozes of newness but what kept me interested and excited about staying there was the staff. Everyone was really nice but I could tell it was part of the hospitality deal instead of hotels that give so much careful attention just because you are gonna write about them.

The furniture is a mix of modern and vintage type with earthy tones and it is absolutely unforgettable. The reception area is fully stocked with snacks and an honest bar, where you help yourself to the items and note them on the kitchen supply list and pay at the end of your stay. 

The hotels give you the luxury to have breakfast as an added option at just €18 per person which is buffet style, however, because I had so much content ideas, we opted to bring some ready made food and kept it in our room fridge (tell you more about this along the blog). 

The most incredible feeling about the reception area is the lounge! My word! The aesthetic is pleasing to the eye especially on a cold Spring morning with a bit of sun coming through the big windows, warm enough to give you warmth and an energising start to your day.

Our room:

Less is more! Our room very simple but notable. It came with a fitted tiny kitchen with a fridge to keep your cold snack fresh; including all the coffee/tea utensils. The room also has a table area; two beautiful handmade straw chairs and table and big comfortable bed and a tv which you can adjust to face the bed. I think the focus for this room was is the bathroom because I am such a sucker for two sinks. Besides the sinks, there are two showers which I love a lot because you do not need to wait for your travel partner to finish showering, you can both quickly step in. 

Where to eat and what to do:

This for me is a retreat fit for not just families, if you have a heart for nature, you will love being in this environment because there are a vast number of activities you can get up to that are relaxing and feed your soul. You can choose from mountain biking, hiking and animal spotting and picnicking. 

Alternatively, exploring the city is what others choose to do. The hotel is a few kilometers from Arnhem and Nijmegen. You will have an opportunity to satisfy your tastebuds by visiting the restaurant on the premises or do what we did, drive out into town for some sushi. We loved being at Sumo, an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant and we did eat it all to a point where I had to carry my stomach out of the establishment. 

Final thoughts:

I love traveling and everything it offers to one’s growth and development but I am always taken aback when I am asked to pay a tourist fee (even Dutch people pay for this) so expect to pay €2 per person. In comparison to South Africa, you would be paying this fee when entering the National Parks or museums as a conservation fee. These fees however, depend on the city you are in and this hotel is in Velp.

There are so many rooms to choose from to suit your needs, ranging from €130 (±R2700) to €265 (±R4500). A Karabo trip is not complete unless there is good wine and this hotel has all the good wine available at reception bar for your enjoyment (obviously will go to your room bill). Finally, you will enjoy a scenic drive through the woods on your way to the hotel so get ready to take some magic scenic videos or soak it in. 


Please contact the hotel for more information and bookings. 

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