Harvest Tour at Silvermist Organic Wine Estate

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Nestled on the mountainous slopes of Constantia is the Silvermist Organic Wine Estate which is surrounded by exquisite scenic views of the Constantia Wine Route and Chapman’s Peak Drive. This family wine estate is only a fifteen minutes’ drive from the Cape Town city center and promises nothing but dreamy views.

Upon arrival we were greeted by Gregory Louw, the farm owner and wine maker who had an enthusiasm and energy that had us all excited to start the day, showing us the ins and outs of harvesting wine grapes. During a quick cup of coffee, we were told more about the farm as well as a detailed breakdown of the wine-making process. Gregory took us into the vineyards to show us some of the work that takes place during the harvest season: types of fertilisers used and how the grapes look when they are ready for harvesting.

Did you know? The Silvermist Organic Wine Estate is the first ever certified organic wine farm in the Constantia Wine Route. The farm produces three wine varietals: Sauvignon Blanc, Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon – with the Sauvignon Blanc making up 70% of the farm’s production.

What makes the Constantia Wine Route the Western Cape’s most distinctive wine farm is how the cool to moderate climate defines the wine’s character, thus contributing to its acidity. It took Gregory ten years to produce his first bottle of wine – if this is not inspiration, I don’t know what else is! Honestly, if hard work and dedication were a person, it would be Gregory Louw.

“Gregory Louw has worked tirelessly over the last 18 years to create Silvermist Organic Wine Farm. His ethos in life has slipped into his wine to create what is now the only organic wine farm in Constantia. Greg believes that everything is a product of its environment. This is why when you walk around the Estate, you will see the it’s not just the vines that are grown naturally and in tune with the Earth.

The invasive tree’s have been chopped down by hand and reused in the buildings, wooden decking and featured Art in the Hotel. The compost is made from organic waste and the vines are growing without the need for irrigation or reliance upon pesticides, herbicides and chemicals. What is produced is the product of love, passion and an unmoving care for both the natural environment and its people.” (Silvermist Organic Wine Estate Website)

Silvermist Organic Wine Estate is more than its wines, it is also about the activities one can enjoy as part of a staycation. See, I am a sucker for less time on the road and more time taking in the sights with a glass of good wine. That honestly was the highlight of the visit among other things!

With the drive, commitment and passion Gregory has for his work, he was happy to extend the tour to showing us around the entire farm. Yes, the ENTIRE farm.

Here are a few things you can do on this stunning estate:


Silvermist Organic Wine Estate has two restaurants – Green Vine and La Colombe. Green Vine is an all organic café, which forms part of the family estate, offers organic snacks and foodie delights; while La Colombe is perfect to fulfill your most opulent fantasies with its fine dining experience and high-end elegance.

The wine estate has currently closed its wine tasting until further notice however, groups of 12 or more can be accommodated, you just have to book well in advance.


Should you be looking to extend your visit into a night’s stay, Silvermist Hotel is perfectly poised to accommodate you! Founded by Gregory in 1984, Silvermist Hotel – formerly known as Manor House – and has seen its fair share of highs and lows, ultimately leading to a large-scale revamp and extension which culminated into gorgeous vintage-style property with a touch of modern design. The interior is well thought out, and everything on the estate has been re-purposed using chopped wood from a nearby developing farm.


Besides the usual hiking trip, there is a selection of thrilling activities, such as ziplining, which form part of the estate’s plan to make the farm a seasonal adventure.

After the farm tour, we were driven to Nova Constatia where we met other wine makers including media invited for the day to enjoy all ten of the Constantia Wine Route distinguished wine farms select wines and pairing meals. For me, it added an extra bonus for networking and making new friends. Everything is always a jol when you have a glass of wine while being educated about the wine making process.

As soon as this lock down is over and we have all been cleared to gallivant, make sure your first trip outside is to the Silvermist Organic Wine Estate.


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