Steak and wine pairing The Hussar Grill way.

Juicy, bold and spicy is how I love my wine but sometimes you just want a steak to go with it especially given that tis’ the season for red wine.

The Hussar Grill invited me to their steak and wine pairing hosted by the beautiful and Veritas Wine Writer of the Year- Gosia Podgorska and The Hussar Grill Mouille Point General  Manager- Tracey Huxley.

Upon my arrival I was greeted by Gosia vibrant personality along with a glass of champagne to start us off. Then the tasting started:

The pairing:

Tracey first introduced us to how meat is cut and what makes every cut special. Did you know that marrow adds tastes to your meat and gives it its own character?

First pairing for the evening was Pinot Noir by Creations Wines. This wine originates from Burgundy in France because of the soil and climate. It offers lavender, aromatic and cherry finish- high in acid but light on the tongue. This beautiful wine was paired with a fillet steak as it is not overpowering in taste and to the cut.

The one thing you need to remember every time you order your steak and wine is that: the stronger the meat, the bolder the wine.

We slowly progressed to the more bolder wines and thick cuts and full notes. Ernst Gouws & Co offers an eye catching selection of wines and yes, I was drawn to the branding first. We paired The Hussar Grill’s rump steak, medium cut and medium done with Ernst Gouws & Co‘s Merlot. What I appreciated a lot about this pairing was that the tanon in the meat determines the power of the meat to the wine which means your wine needs to be bolder, hence the Merlot.

My night even got exciting as we were treated to my favourite wine- a Shiraz!

Did you know that Shiraz grapes are grown in hot climate and Syrah in cooler climate. People might think it’s the same thing but it is not. They both differ a little in taste.

The potpourri filled Montpillier 2013 Shiraz is both fruity and heavy was paired with a juicy rare done sirloin steak. The high tannin count in the steak acts as a palate-cleansing astringent.

How about a succulent medium done rib-eye paired with Warwirck Wine’s The First Lady by Norma Ratcliffe who is a pioneer for female wine makers in South Africa. I sure do know the feeling of tasting wine made by women- it’s empowering, it is the taste of greatness. Warwick is best known for its red blends which I am yet to fully taste. Cabernet Sauvignon is often the number one choice for steak and wine pairings. It is a full-bodied wine with robust fruit tastes and powerful flavours that can stand up to the richness of a Rib Eye.

Celebrating its 50 years of fine grilled dining, we enjoyed The Hussar Grill house wine with several blends paired with a fillet on the bone. Bone adds additional flavour to meat due to its marrow content. This means that a Fillet on the Bone can pair with a more robust blend instead of a light red.

Lastly, a Sirloin paired with a bordoux red blend- this is the part where I am supposed to go into details what this was but when you are within great company, good food and wine, sometimes things just fly right over your head.


Wine and steak share the same characteristics as they need to be stored and aged respectively. In order to enjoy good red wine, the basics include keeping it in a dark space, with corked wine bottles on their sides, and with the temperature at a cool constant.

When it comes to steak, storage temperature is also vital. The Hussar Grill steaks are vacuum-sealed to avoid any oxygen and stored in a cool 5-degree Celsius fridge. the older the meat, the darker and richer it becomes… just like a wine

This tasting has not only helped make informed foodie decisions when it comes to my steak and wine pairing but The Hussar Grill also left a long lasting impression- every single time I think about ordering steak, that is where I will start.


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