Cape Town Summer Survival Guide

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Summer is finally in full swim after the weird winds that have rampaged through the Western Cape, and we are all excited to be ditching cardigans for bikinis and summer dresses. This past festive season was my first time spending summer in Cape Town. It is also a time when  thousands of people from all corners of the world flock here for different reasons and one being “summer in Africa” as they call it.

My partner makes one of them- hailing from Holland, he spent the beginning of summer with me in Cape Town and as much as I was excited, I was overcome with feelings of concern because there is too many of us here. Having had the experience of starting summer earlier than most, here are a few tips you definitely will need to make sure you make the most of your visit to Cape Town bearable.


Cape Town has many beaches- Clifton, Camps Bay, Llanduddno, Muizenberg and many others. I have been to all listed however, as I type this on a Tuesday morning, they are already packed. In order to get yourself a sweet spot where you will not compete with another beach goer, I suggest planning your beach day a little early. Between 8 and 9:30 am seems to be the perfect time to mission out.

You will have an opportunity to stock up on fresh fruits and snacks for your day out. Another suggestion would be driving out to Fishhoek or Franschhoek and Komitjie for beaches that are not so full and a lot of people are lazy to drive out to.


Avoiding traffic

Cape Town has one of the best public transport system in the entire country, MyCity. For inner city transportation, this is the best you can get plus to avoid traffic. MyCity also encourages tourists to use its services as this eases traffic on the roads and it is a whole lot safer than any other public transportation mode. You can get your MyCity myconnect card at station kiosks for only R35. Please advised that you will not be let on a bus if your card is low, do not even try a sad face or pleading because we put drivers in uncomfortable situations.

Staying hydrated and feeling refreshed

Any seasons has its “must haves” and here is a list of the items you will definitely NEED which I have myself to help you survive this brutal heat:

  • Sunscreen
  • Shades (I got mine from This Guy Eyewear)
  • A whole loads of bikinis: I recommend Bacon Bikinis and Amazon )
  • Lots of water
  • You need to have a deodorant ready in case you sweat a lot and need some fresh smell.
  • For black women with afros, you need to have your braided for many reason but I do not like to deal with my hair when it is so hot.

The list could go on but avoid anything that requires you to be in the sun unnecessarily. Swap hiking in the afternoon for a sunsrise hike because it is cooler and eating out with cooking diner at home- how about using a community pool instead of going to packed beaches.

If you would like to avoid cooking, ask people to join their dinner parties and you get to save some money and effort. Summer for you must not be dull and unbearable.

Happy New Year and eat everything you can and leave nothing else but happiness.

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