Cape Point with SANParks

As a proud South African, any chance I get to celebrate the beauty of my country I welcome with open arms. This month I joined the Cape Town twins on a trip to the Cape Point where on one of my trails I encountered a snake (I will forever have anxiety thinking about it). 

Cape PointCape Point is in the Cape of Good Hope nature reserve within Table Mountain National Park, which forms part of the Cape Floral Region, a World Heritage Site. It includes the majestic Table Mountain chain, which stretches from Signal Hill to Cape Point, and the coastlines of the Cape Peninsula. This narrow stretch of land, dotted with beautiful valleys, bays and beaches, contains a mix of extraordinarily diverse and unique fauna and flora.

SANparks alongside Metrorail celebrated #SANparksWeek and Cape Point offered free entrance to all who went to visit from all corners of the world. This special event is held annually and this year it was from 9 to 15 September – the best thing about it is that it usually comes with special discounts for accommodations and entrances to exclusive park drives (for inexpensive travel experience enthusiasts). 

Why visit?

I am a sucker for the outdoors, green spaces and scenic views and I was not ready for the godly views I found at Cape Point that took my breath away. Besides being surrounded by the endless and wild blue Atlantic Ocean, one can enjoy hiking trails from Cape Point to Cape of Good hope with a small detour to Dias Beach. This small hidden beach is great for family beach days and everyone who likes a “quiet” surfing experience since it is way out of town, people do not usually go there to surf so you have all the space to yourself.

You might even be lucky to spot a sea lion (wink)

You can also enjoy a fun funicular ride up- if hiking is not for you- which will cost you R80 p/return ticket before midday and takes only 3 minutes to get to the top. Families can enjoy lunch with views at the Two Oceans Restaurant in which case I recommend their platter menu as it is simple and offers a variety of meal options. 

Did you know: According to the Inside Guide, you can register as a frequent user of the SANParks to receive special discounts in parks around the country. 

When to visit:

It is a no-go for me during winter. Try visiting during Spring and Summer and starting your day as early as possible because it gets really crowded especially in Summer as everyone from all over the world is visiting. 

This is the number one rule with any travel plans for summer. To fully enjoy your experiences and for photo ops, sacrifice your love for sleep and get to your sites early then plan an afternoon nap. 

My Recommendations:

If you love things but are a tad-bit lazy to plan anything, make this a day trip. Take a train with a friend (a must for safety), descend at Muizenberg station and enjoy a 30 min beach walk and take lots of pictures.

Then take another train to Kalk Bay for a catch of the day meal (they always make the best fish meals). Walk around to buy some jewelry and gifts because there are so many shops and markets. 

By 12, catch an Uber ride to Cape Point and enjoy a full day walking around, hiking, taking pictures, minding your own business and feeling on top of the world. A budget for this trip can look something like this:

Transport: 800 (including Uber)

Food: R350

Cape Point: 160 (entrance into park plus funicular return ride)

souvenirs: R1000

A total of R3100 which can be less depending on your spending and planning. 

I am giving this experience a big 8 because it was so much fun and I think I got a lot out of it than I had expected. Thank you so much to the Cape Town twins for arranging this including the organising partners such as Metrorail and HG Travel Services.

How did you celebrate your National SANParks week? Please share what you did or if you have been to the Cape Point and how you found the experience. 


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