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Planning a trip can be a demanding task especially when you want to save money for immersive experiences. For all my trips, I always make sure to create a list of the things I want to do, places I would like to visit, museums, galleries, restaurants etc. Naturally, Google is always there to help with most of it but I’ve managed to crack the code by using some of the best online platforms to book experiences, especially in South Africa, by analysing reviews from other tourists and snagging awesome price cuts or package deals.

With the influx of people turning themselves into tourists in their own countries, there has been a demand for easy-to-use apps to book trips (flights, accommodation and experiences) on one site and tech gurus and enthusiasts have been delivering. Here are some of my favourite online sites I have used to guide my choice of experiences:

Get Your Guide

This is a global site that offers a variety of experiences such as sailing and archery at discounted rate. I started using this platform in December last year when they asked to re-post one of my pictures in exchange for a discounted offer. I used the discount for a sailing experience- you see, there are some cool benefits in using some of them.

Airbnb Experiences

This platform has been around for years now, but anyone and everyone can be experts on their chosen getaway. The difference now is that regular travelers can coordinate their favourite experiences, post about them on the site and make money from this.

The Entertainer

This app is best for a night out! It houses service providers and restaurants on an app database.  Customers can use the app to enjoy a delightful culinary night out, eating the finest food at a lower cost. If you want to try it, find out which restaurants in your area are on the app. Offers can include purchasing a drink at a discounted price and still getting another one free.


This one is not at the top of my list, but I have found it super handy when I book experiences that are in other African countries because the reviews are very detailed.

Love Cape Town

Love Cape town posts blogs and lists events and activities taking place all over the Western Cape, with more focus on Cape Town. This site tells the story of Cape Town in a way no other platform does. It’s the City of Cape Town’s way of showing visitors from around the world what this beautiful tourist destination has to offer.

One that I almost forgot to include in this list is Hyperli- they offer a range of services such as food, cruises, massages at reasonably cut off prices. Everyone who has booked through this site always has amazing things to say. I know I had a good time when I booked a massage experience and it was way too affordable for someone like me who lives life at discounted rates.

P.S: Other companies allow you to earn points when you write a review or they let you share your experiences and you get points. Like an new one on the market called Byo Social

At this point you really cannot claim that there are not sites for you to book your next stay and enjoy all the activities that South Africa has to offer. I have to throw shade at people who will not read my blog posts but find the time to actually come to ask me travel related question on Instagram when they can actually find all the content they need here. Also a piece of advice: always do some research before asking question then at least you have some answers.

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  1. April 11, 2020 / 2:35 am

    Omw, this post just triggered me! I need to travel again! I have never heard of Get Your Guide but I am definitely going to give it a try next time. I normally just use Google maps to plan my itinerary and Expedia for experiences such as boat rides, observatories and bus tours, cant wait to travel again ✨

    • Karabo
      April 11, 2020 / 4:07 pm

      Get Your Guide is one of the best and provides global deals. I think you will find it pretty easy and useful.

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