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Simple Self-Care Activities To Try

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I have reached a point in my life where I take the conditions of my personal space, as well as my mental health, very seriously – thus developing a love for light and airy spaces that inspire me to be positive.

In this week’s post, I will be detailing the ways in which you can incorporate fun activities into your self-care routine.

Self-care: noun

the practice of taking an active role in protecting one’s own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

Self-care is very personal for me, and I vividly remember the moment in which I realised it was an ideal I started taking seriously. I was watching season one of Grey’s Anatomy – you know, the fourth episode in which Meredith and Christina opted to express their feelings through an impromptu “dance out”?

Check! Tip number one to embarking on a journey of self-care. Dancing in my underwear without a care in the world!

Self-Care Rules

  • There really are no rules. 
  • Just remember that you don’t need your cellphone at all times.
  • You are allowed to say no and NOT feel guilty about it
  • You don’t owe anyone any explanations surrounding the choices you make!

Fun Self-Care Activities To Try

Love your naked body:  Have you ever taken the time to just drop everything you’re doing, peel your clothes off and look at and really appreciate your body? I practice this liberating exercise regularly. It helps to remind myself of all the things I love it, flaws and all.

Unplug for 24 hours: Probably the hardest thing you could ask anyone to do! But, for the purpose of self-care, I really do advise that you try to swallow this pill and flip the off switch on social media.

Take it one step at a time. Start with being off Instagram for 24 hours and progressively increase the time span from there. Soon you’ll be able to detach yourself for weeks on end without feeling the need to pull your hair out.

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Order in and watch Netflix: A little UberEats never hurt nobody, but be strategic about your orders. Reach out to friends and ask them if they have any unused promo codes, free delivery or discounts on meals, and leverage on that. Say no to that girl’s night out and make a date with Netflix! Please yourself and your tummy for once, man!

Author’s note: If you’re in need of any suggestions, I am currently binge watching Outlander.

Photo: Max van den Oetelaar

Book a mobile massage: With the ever-growing presence of social media and the internet quite literally taking over our lives, most things have become easily accessible; including masseurs! Yay!

Beauty and health service providers would rather lug their equipment into their cars and bring their services to you – rubbing all that stress and strain away in the comfort of your home. For all my Cape Town readers looking to test this theory, I recommend Cape Town Mobile Massages service.

Re-arrange your bedroom: It could be something as simple as changing the position of your bed that seems to completely transform your private space and let in a breath of fresh air, making you feel like you are sleeping in a new room. Try add a plant or two for some colourful freshness.

Photo: Timothy Buck on Unsplash

Some people go full throttle and change the colour of their walls, opting for a fresh coat of paint depending on their mood or the season. Try deep, rich colours for autumn, cooler colours for winter and warm or brighter shades for the summery pick-me-up. 

Always Remember…

Finally, make sure that your day or time is not wasted on things or people who do not appreciate you and your space. Rather redirect all your energy and efforts towards something fulfilling like donating clothes or toys to the nearest children’s home, or cancel adulting altogether and sleep in all day.



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  1. Emmanuel Agbeko Gamor

    Excellent post: “self care” has more relevance as we get older and realize that recharge is EVERYTHING. Also, that unsplash image: nude netflix + pizza in clean white sheets is visually my now-and-then-haven right now. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Karabo

      And most of the time we take these small things for granted.
      We should do better for ourselves to do better for the world.

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