My Top5 Bacon Bikini Faves for the Summer!

Firstly, I would like to thank everyone who made sure I made it as a Bacon Bikini ambassador and got to make it all the way to Mauritius for their Spring/Summer campaign.

How I made it:

Face of Bacon Bikini is a competition by Bacon Bikinis where the brand looks for ambassadors, you do not have to have a lot of followers on social media (but can be an advantage) to enter. It happens annually and 2018 was the first of its installments. I sent my pictures and created a profile on their website and told them why I think I deserve to be a #BaconBabe . The next stage was to ask followers on all my social media platforms to vote for me and show the Bacon Bikinis team that I deserve to win and send in a video for them to get to know me better once making it to Top10- the rest is history.

During the campaign we tried a lot of bikinis and my oh my they are gorgeous and comfortable, not to mention affordable- a beach girl’s dream. Below are my Top5 pick from the Spring/Summer collection which launched in September of this year.

1. Scrunch one-piece

IMG_E2792 This is the first swimsuit I was super excited to try on because I have it in yellow and you know how yellow pops on brown skin so I was pretty excited when I received it as part of making it to Top10. It comes in all three colours as you see in this picture. Just make sure you know your size very well with this one because it might look a bit bulgy at the back on the waist if you choose the wrong size.

2. Jane Scrunch + bottom

I had no idea how my love for this piece would grow after the trip! This one is an “itsy” so it cuts out your buttocks to show your nice “tatas” as I call them. Perfect for the ladies who are not shy to show a little extra of their confidence.


3. Amber and Kira one-pieces

As much as they may look a bit similar, THEY ARE NOT. The Amber ties at the back and has a wide range of colours (check website). Kira on the other hand is fully open at the back and hugs the body, you don’t need to adjust any ropes/tie it to fit. I love them both because a one piece always saves you time and I love the feeling of covering my stomach sometimes. Kira comes in Red, Orange, Blue and White and I love me her blue

4. Electric Blue Kai and Tide + their bottoms

This one stole my heart because, well you know blue is fire! Most of Bacon Bikinis can be worn in two different ways: the “normal” way with straps or without and tie at the back OR reverse the top back to front and tie it in front. I know right, two in one is just what everyone needs.


5. The girls: not us but the bikinis:

The tops are: Bella, Kelly, Tide and Pearl (in no particular order)

Bottoms: Jane, Lauren, Jenna and Monique (Jenna is not in the picture but check website).

My personal favourite? ALL! I can’t choose from the tops unfortunately because they are all gorgeous! I however, absolutely love the Jane and Lauren bottoms! They are gorgeous and so cheeky and itsy, depending on how you find them on their good days.

Bacon Bikinis is a South African Brand founded and owned by Candice Bacon. Delivery takes about 2-3 days depending on where you are based. They ship WORLDWIDE and randomly run sales competitions. So visit their website and find your own because South African summer is here and it’s about to go down!

Bacon Bikinis


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