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My Top 5 go-to winter products

Welcoming winter in 2019 has been such a struggle especially for everyone who is new in Cape Town. As much as this is a bit of a problem, I have just the products to get you through winter. In this week post, I share with you my top 5 inexpensive products you can try.


Before I get into it, I know that a lot of black women face the issue of having their skin dry out during this particular season and we have to plan the transition from summer products that are both moisturizing, non-greasy and sun proof to the oil based, motorizing and takes care of dry skin.

Here are my top 5, inexpensive products that I always run to:

  • Vaseline blue seal: Due to my skin being dry, I always opt for this product because it has glycerin which helps me with preventing my skin from cracking under the pressure of cold weathers. It is oil based and is definitely good for both dry and oily skin. For women with oily skin, I would recommend using after a night bath followed by a coating of a body butter the next day so it balances the oil. This product retails for approximately R60 at stores like Pick n Pay and Clicks. IMG_E0333[1]
  • African Extracts No-Shine Day Cream: With benefits such as improving skin texture and brightens and evens skin tone. Ingredients include aloe vera, bio-active rooibos, evodia leaf and Japanese cedar- glow up of the season is most certainly guaranteed! The radiance range by African Extracts is everything a girl needs to have in their skin care routine. Their products have been endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty and they are vegan – meaning they don’t test their products on animals.


  • Woolworths’ Shea Butter and Honey Hand Cream: This is by far the best hand lotion I have ever used. I received this at the Cosmo Influencer Workshop held a few months ago and my hands have been feeling so soft and moisturized ever since. This product is also vegetarian with milk and honey and has been endorsed by Beauty Without Cruelty.


  • Black Opal True Colour Liquid Foundation: I have gone back from using NYX liquid foundation to using this one because it moisturizes my skin the way I like. It is perfect for dry skin so I would suggest a more matte finish such as Essence for ladies who have oily skin. The benefits I have seen so far is that they offer really rich tones, it has light coverage so it does not really show that you are wearing make up and that is a plus for me because my skin gets irritated easily and has shea butter. They only offer 12 shades in this range though so it is not for everyone. This is only R295 at Clicks.


  • Spier Wine Farm’s Creative Block No. 3: Nothing good wine cannot fix- I recently learned that red wine is popular in winter? Compared to white wine as it is fruity and drank cold, red on the other hand is usually appropriate in winter as it is commonly paired with warm winter meals. This particular wine however comes from one of my favourite wine brands in South Africa, Spier Wine Farm from it creative block collection. Within the collection comes Nos. 2, 3 and 5. The bottle retails for R169 on the Spier Wine Farm website.

“Did you know: The creative block wine collection was inspired by the Spier Arts Academy project, winemakers combine grapes from different vineyard blocks to curate unique tastes- always so much more than the sum of their parts.” -Spier Wine FarmIMG_0065[1]

One other product mention would be Benylin for Flu, which is one a must for people who don’t have a problem with alcohol in their cough syrups. This has saved me many times especially on my recent trip to Gauteng. I somehow had this flu that nearly had me “woman down” and if it was not for this product, I would have not enjoyed my trip. It can be found at major pharmacies in South Africa and recommended for flu- however, I would advise visiting your doctor first.

If you are someone who is well prepared for winter, care to share any tips on how you get through winter pimple and flu free? Vaseline blue seal leads the list as it literally saved my skin at the start of this year’s winter, so I recommend it to everyone trying to repair their skin.


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