Festival on the Docks with Opihr and Life Grand Cafe

About two weekends ago I had the privilege of being invited to celebrate the 2019 Festival on the Docks event at the V&A Waterfront. Aside from partying it up with my bestie and meeting new people over a glass of wine (several of them, actually), I was also invited to enjoy a delicious luncheon at the Life Grand Café, sponsored by Opihr Gin. The afternoon was spent indulging in the finest food whilst sipping on the crisp, flavourful taste of Opihr’s new ready-to-drink gin-spirit coolers – celebrating life and the start of festivities.

Opihr is a London Dry Gin infused with exotic hand-picked botanicals including Moroccan coriander seeds and Indian Tellicherry black pepper, OPIHR is a unique and flavoursome gin which truly evokes the intensity of the Orient. The range includes three flavours – Opihr Gin & Tonic with a dash of ginger, Opihr Gin & Tonic with a twist of orange, and a simple classic Opihr Gin & Tonic. – Elvee Consultancy 

Upon arrival, we were treated to a selection of Opihr’s 3 new flavours: the classic gin and tonic and two flavour-infused variations – orange and ginger. I must say, all three flavours hit the spot. The idea of this selection was to create a gin spirit cooler that is convenient to the consumer instead of buying a sperate bottle of gin along with a mixer that will cost an arm and a leg. Never mind the inconvenience having to leave the party with leftover gin. Instead, Opihr promises convenience, fresh flavour and a whole lot of fun for the summer, even sparing the effort of using a bottle-opener! 


The visually captivating Life Grand Café is situated at the V&A Waterfront right by the docks, and, in fact, used to be a post office! Now, however, its become a vibrant lime green, lively social spot which is aesthetically pleasing to bloggers, like myself, with a cooling breeze blowing the smell of the sea from the docks to churn the depths of one’s hunger. 

Lorinda Voges, the founder of Elvee Consultancy, made sure the interior decor was fit for Instagram-goals worthy – a luncheon that was conceptualised and executed flawlessly. What with it being my first time at Life Grand Cafe, I can guarantee that I would revisit the establishment for the views of the open waters, if not, for a V&A Waterfront shopping experience and the vast amount of activities you can partake in (I’m hinting at a luxurious yacht cruise here – wink,wink). 


My favourite part? THE FOOD! I am allergic to shellfish and coconut, and I hate cheese. I was a little bit worried seeing the menu and thinking I might not have an opportunity to taste the mains, but the kitchen staff and waiters were well briefed on everyone’s dietary requirements, ensuring that us allergy unicorns could still enjoy the tasty meals without worrying about death patiently waiting for me to choke on a discreetly placed prawn.

We were also treated to a range of food; from sushi, mini poke bowls and oysters, to pesto stuffed ribeye steak and an aromatic seafood pasta dish which had me drooling with envy. I personally this scrumptious bacon, lettuce and camembert pastry – so much so, I was willing to overlook how I was stuffing my face to the brim with cheese! I was on the Food Coma Express by the time the crème brulee had made its sweet appearance.

But the fun didn’t stop there, as there was a party on the deck where we could dance to good music and enjoy a wine tasting – all whilst overlooking a beautiful Cape Town sunset. This experience opened the festive season for me and would like to thank Elvee Consultancy, Opihr and Life Grand Cafe for being such incredible hosts. I am giving it a solid 9/10 and can’t wait for #FestivalOnTheDecks2020!

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