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A vibrant travel, cars and all things life-ish which aims to encourage all readers, especially young people to live life to the fullest, to try new things no matter how daunting they are. This is safe space for all enthusiasts to read, learn and share because what are we without one another. Let’s, save, explore, eat, drive, love, live and REPEAT!

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Stay at Boschendal Wine Estate

If you are looking for the perfect wine farm staycation this summer, Boschendal is the place to be! When I was approached with the opportunity to indulge in a memorable experience, I didn’t think twice about agreeing and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. So if you...

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Toxic Workplace: How to Sniff it Out

For my first LinkedIn article, I decided to touch a bit on this because almost all of us have suffered at the hands of great “leaders” and probably ended up in tears or endless therapy sessions due to toxic work environments. If there is anything that makes me happy, it’s...

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Winter Staycation at Gonana Guesthouse

Did I ever tell you about Gonana Guesthouse,  my home away from home from my other home (lol). Exploring to me means finding new places for short hideaways when I’m feeling blue and in need of a refocusing session. Well, thanks to me and my curious ways, you don’t have...

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Is the Ford Thunder Worth it?

Guess who finally got to test drive one of the Ford bakkies… ME! After almost a year of constant nagging, I was finally put on the list to test the Ford Ranger Thunder. Ford is globally known for producing “tough” cars because they are mostly built for off-road or heavy...

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How the Tourism Industry can Support Travel Content Creators

As a travel content creators, you don’t know how anxious I get every time I hear the words, “My fellow South Africans…”. They often carry a lot of hopelessness, especially given that some of us only have tourism or the art of content creation as a source of income. The...

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2021 Toyota Urban Cruiser

Raise your hand if a member of your family has ever owned a Toyota… me too! Growing up, Toyota was always the first go-to brand that a lot of my friends’s family went for – including mine, because my uncle owned taxis. I grew up in a rural area where...

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